Murder or suicide?

This sad story follows the trend of so many when police investigators claim they are too busy to investigate a case and ignore evidence that is given to them.

There is no good cause for families to spend their fortunes to prove a homicide or criminal case when they have paid taxes throughout their life to include police protection.

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Searching for a resolution to sudden death, unattended death and coroner power to withhold information
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5 Responses to Murder or suicide?

  1. Ray's Mom says:

    Reblogged this on JUSTICE FOR RAYMOND and commented:

    Anther case ignored by police….

  2. wildninja says:

    I had not heard of the Renee Saunders case in Chesapeake before your post. First, I want to stress how important it is that domestic violence victims document what is happening. Everyone should know what an Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit (EAA) is and how it could have been used to reveal the truth in a case such as this,

    Second, this woman’s family needs to be listened to. This sounds very much like a case in which the victim knew the man was going to seriously injure or kill her– she even said that. A majority of victims in domestic violence homicides in my state plainly stated that their abuser was going to kill them before it actually happened. This needs to be taken seriously.

    In this case the boyfriend had a lengthy criminal history, she was estranged from a husband, she told people that the boyfriend was abusive– there are at least two people here who might have thought they had cause to “punish” her. I’m floored that the local police department would not conduct a more thorough investigation if that’s the case.

    This is reminding me all too much of the Ronda Reynolds case that I’ve blogged about and Ann Rule wrote a must-read book about. Just like Renee Saunders would not have left her girls behind, Ronda Reynolds wouldn’t have left her beloved dogs behind, one of which had already been brutally killed before she was found shot in the head.

    Let’s hope this case stays in the public eye and the police are held accountable. I’ve personally been involved in cases ruled accidental that were more likely homicide and have a sense of what this family is dealing with. It is maddening when the authorities don’t take you seriously when– more than anyone else– you’re qualified to give your take on what actually happened.

    Thank you for posting and let’s pray for justice in this case.

    • Ray's Mom says:

      I certainly agree with your thoughts that authorities must take seriously people who are close to victims of homicide or criminal behavior that causes harm to people, especially family members. If authorities would just look into their own evidence with an open mind – many cold cases would not remain unsolved. thank you for your visit and comment. God bless.

  3. tersiaburger says:

    Good luck in your quest for justice!

    • Ray's Mom says:

      Thank you tersia. I have been working as an advocate and a family I have become acquainted with has a very similar case as Ray’s. Today they had a victory – they won the will contest as we did. There is a greater opportunity for publicity now. I am praying for o ne more victory for Ray….that his case will be investigated

      God bless you dear friend for your continued encouragement.

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